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What is is a SaaS product that integrates with your Gmail account to scan your inbox for emails with titles that match a specified regex pattern. Once identified, the email sentiment is analyzed and an AI-generated response, powered by Chat GPT-4, is sent based on the prompts you provide.

How do I set up with my Gmail?

To integrate with Gmail, you need to provide your Gmail IMAP configuration, which requires an app password.

How do I create an app password for my Gmail account?

Here's how to create an app password for your Gmail:
1. Make sure you have 2-Step Verification set up on your Google Account.
2. Go to your Google Account.
3. Click on "Security."
4. Under "Signing in to Google," select "2-Step Verification."
5. Scroll down and select "App passwords."
6. Provide a name to identify where you'll use this app password.
7. Click on "Generate."
8. Note down the 16-character code that appears on your screen.
9. Click "Done."
Remember, if you're facing issues in creating an app password, it might be due to specific account configurations or restrictions.

Is my IMAP configuration secure with

Absolutely. All SMTP passwords and sensitive information provided are encrypted using Key Management Service (KMS). The only decryptor is our email replyer, which is not publiclly accessible. Our database is also not publiclly, and is only accessible through our shared AWS VPC.

How often does scan my inbox? scans your Gmail inbox every 30 minutes to identify emails matching the specified regex pattern.

When does the reply count reset?

Reply counts reset daily at midnight EST.

I tried to send a test email to myself, but it's not replying. will not reply to emails where the From matches your email, this is to protect from itself so it doesn't reply to iself twice. We will release a test reply button in the future.

How does the sentiment analysis work?

Once the system identifies emails matching the regex pattern you provided, Chat GPT-4 performs sentiment analysis to understand the tone and context of the email. Based on this analysis and the prompts you've set, a tailored response is generated.

Where can I see the responses that were sent?

All email responses generated and sent through are stored and can be viewed in the "email history" section.

What should I do if I suspect malicious activity on my account?

If there's any suspected malicious use of your account, it will be immediately blacklisted for your protection. In such cases, reach out to [email protected] for guidance and further assistance.

Can I use with other email providers?

Currently, has been tested specifically with Gmail. Ensure you have the necessary Gmail IMAP configurations to utilize our service optimally, But if you know your configuration works, give it a try and we'll bring offical support to all email providers as they come.

Can I customize the AI responses?

Yes, the AI responses are generated based on the prompts you provide. By tailoring these prompts, you can guide the AI in crafting responses that suit your needs.

What if I'm logged into a work, school, or another organizational account?

If you are logged into such accounts, you might not find the option to add an app password due to specific account configurations or restrictions set by the organization.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For any further queries, feedback, or support, please reach out to [email protected], and our team will be happy to assist you.